Sara Scardera

Sara Scardera received her BA in Honours Psychology, with distinction, from Concordia University in 2019 and remained on the dean’s list throughout her degree. She won the best poster award for her thesis at the Centre for Clinical Research in Health 2019 Conference, which is published in the Eating and Weight Disorders journal. Sara also volunteered at Suicide Action Montreal, where she implemented trained procedures to those at suicidal risk.

Using the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Children Development, her MA thesis aims to document the role of social support for mental health problems and suicidal ideation in both heterosexual and non-heterosexual youth transitioning to adulthood. Her research aims to further our understanding on the implications of social support and its role in promoting resilience in both the general youth and those at risk.

Sara’s long-term contribution goals involve striving to translate her research knowledge to other professionals in the field while integrating her research and that of others into her identity and practices as a future researcher/clinician. She would like to specialize in the administration of psycho educational assessments and work with children/youth experiencing an array of mental health problems.

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