Cannabis use and suicide during adolescence

Title: Cannabis use and depression and suicidal thoughts and behaviors during adolescence: comorbidity and direction of association in a general population sample from Quebec

Question: What is the developmental direction of association between cannabis use and depression and suicidal ideation, e.g. whether cannabis use precede depression and suicidal ideation (secondary psychiatric disorder hypothesis), or vice-versa (self-medication hypothesis)

Strategy: Use data from the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development (QLSCD; n=2120). Repeated information on cannabis use, suicidal ideation and depression modeled using structural equation modelling.  

Impact: Better inform prevention and intervention strategies given the potential for misguided perceptions of safety with cannabis use among adolescents

Funded by: Réseau Québécois sur le suicide, les troubles de l’humeur et troubles associés and Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse,pôle Québec-Atlantique

Principal investigator:
Marie-Claude Geoffroy

Johanne Renaud
Jean R. Séguin

MSc student :
Despina Bolanis

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